Patmos, Greece

The Greek islands are what dreams are made of. Travis and I had been dreaming of going to the Greek islands for a few years. We actually planned to go two years ago for our honeymoon, but due to a series of unfortunate events on that side of the world, we had to cancel the trip. We didn’t wait too long until we planned the next trip! This time we wanted to do a Silversea cruise to the Greek islands.

This is not a review of Silversea, though I have nothing bad to say about the cruise line. We had an amazing time on our cruise and would choose Silversea again and again.

We visited five Greek islands on our cruise:

Santorini, Symi, Rhodes, Patmos, and Paros. We also had a day in Turkey, but I will save that for another blog post.

Day 1: Santorini

Our trip had a rough start because our flight from Philadelphia to Athens was canceled. We had to pull some strings but we finally made it to Santorini on the day when our ship was there. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to spend any time in Santorini because we had to go to the ship and get settled, and then it was too late to go back out on the island.

We’re going to have to make a trip back to Santorini sometime since we only saw the island from the ship. I actually didn’t expect Santorini to look the way it did from a distance – like a desert. It was still beautiful though!

The rest of the trip was amazing! Up until Travis got seasick. That was actually a big surprise to us both. Travis has been on many different boats and ships of all different sizes before and has never been sick. He has never been on a cruise ship though, so maybe the size of the ship + spending so much time on it = sick Travis. Since now we know he gets seasick, we will be better prepared next time!

Day 3: Symi

Symi Greece
Symi is a unique island because it doesn’t have the usual white-washed buildings. They were mainly cream and yellow and a few other colors, like blue and pink. There were lots of cafes, tourist shops, and ice cream shops all over!

Symi Greece

Day 4: Rhodes

Rhodes Greece

Rhodes is about the time when Travis started to get seasick. He absolutely loved Rhodes though. We managed to walk through Old Town for less than a mile before we had to go back to the ship because Travis ended up buying way too many souvenirs. There was probably eight bags of stuff we carried back! We had to go drop them off in our room and then we went to the beach instead of back to Old Town. I couldn’t risk him going by the shops again!

Parrot in Rhodes Greece

While we were walking through Old Town, we made a little parrot friend. The guy with the parrot just put the parrot on Travis’ shoulder and then my shoulder as we were walking by. The parrot wanted the beads on my hat though, so he got up on top of my head to try to eat the beads! I thought he had ruined my hat with his feet, but thankfully the parrot walked away without any beads and the hat was fine.

Of course, we tried to give the man some money but, surprising to us, he didn’t want any! He said to just come back and eat at the rooftop restaurant, which we did for dinner.

Day 5: Patmos

Water in Patmos Greece

The day in Patmos was interesting. The island was stunning, the water was clear and blue, and the weather was perfect. But Travis wasn’t feeling well at all. I got him off the ship, hoping he would feel better if he wasn’t on the ship that was making him sick – it didn’t though. Anyway, we ended up renting a car to go to the beach and to tour the island. On our way to the beach, the brakes of our car stopped working, and we were on a dangerous curvy road.

car in patmos greece

We were able to stop the car by letting it roll into some bushes (which were right in front of a stone wall). Don’t ask why we didn’t just use the emergency brake. That didn’t even cross our minds until the car was stopped by the bushes and I yelled, “Where is the emergency brake?!?!”

Car in Patmos Greece

At least the view was pretty while we were stranded.

After having trouble getting through to the car rental company on the phone, there was a local lady who happened to be walking by us. She helped us make the call and was able to tell them where we broke down, which was actually in the middle of nowhere because we took the wrong turn.

[International calling tip: when overseas, you may need to dial the exit code “00” before the country code. For example, “0030” instead of just “30” before the actual phone number. I only had to do this when calling the car rental company in Greece. When calling home to the U.S., I only had to dial 1, the country code, before the phone number.]

Beach in Patmos Greece

We finally made it to the beach in Patmos. A five-minute car ride turned into a two-hour adventure, but I wouldn’t let Travis give up! He didn’t like me for it, but I didn’t want him going back to that ship just yet!

When we did go back to the ship, I had the best steak of my life for dinner. It was cooked on a hot lava stone right at our table. I have dreams about this steak…

steak dinner on silversea cruise

Day 6: Paros

Hotel in Paros Greece

Greece is just beautiful. On our last day on a Greek island, I walked around as much as I could, taking in the scenery and architecture and taking lots of pictures. After I got tired, I found a nice little beach with super warm, crystal-clear water and relaxed for a bit.

Kate on a beach in Paros Greece

The water was very warm because it was very shallow (until a certain point). The water was very calm, too, so it was like swimming in a heated pool, but much prettier!

Clear water in Paros Greece

To end this perfect day, I had lunch at a beachside restaurant.

restaurant on a beach in Paros Greece

traditional Greek food on beach in Paros

I had a Greek appetizer and a frappé. I don’t remember what the dish was called but it was a flaky, pastry-type dough filled with mozzarella, prosciutto, and tomato – it was delicious!

Are you wondering where Travis was on this day? He ended up staying on the ship to try to sleep. He had been up all night not feeling well. Thankfully, by the time I got back to the ship, he was feeling a little better.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned to read about our day trip to Turkey during this Silversea cruise to the Greek islands.