Look at that mouthwatering cookie pie!

healthy cookie barsSome of you may know that I have a major sweet tooth. This might not be obvious since most of the recipes found here so far are not desserts. That is because making desserts, especially baking, is too much of a science for me. I just like to throw things in a pan and make good flavors!

So I decided that rather than staying away from desserts, I will test out other bloggers’ recipes and post the results and thoughts here! The goal is to learn more about how to make desserts and then eventually I may actually come up with some of my own recipes. I think this is going to turn into a whole new “Recipe Reviews” section!

First up is Chocolate Covered Katie’s cookie pie! This recipe is from Chocolate Covered Katie’s healthy dessert blog. I have been following her for about two years now and may start trying more of her recipes.

There are two versions to this recipe: 1) a sugar-free one that uses dates instead of sugar and 2) one that uses brown sugar. I have already made this recipe three times and will describe each experience.


The first time was about two years ago: I used the sugar-free version using a small and old food processor that didn’t do a great job blending the dates and chickpeas. The result was a grainy and slightly chunky cookie cake. However, it did taste good!

chickpea cookie pie


The second time, I made the brown sugar version using my Ninja blender. I only made half of the recipe because I only had one can of chickpeas so I made a thin cookie cake. The result was a smooth batter and a decent cookie.

healthy cookie cake


The third time, I made the sugar-free version using my Ninja food processor. Again, I only made half the recipe with one can of chickpeas but I made a deep dish cookie pie by using a loaf pan. This final cookie pie was SO delicious!! Surprisingly, I actually like using the dates better than the sugar!

healthy cookie dough cake

The verdict:

These recipes do create an amazing healthy deep dish cookie pie if you do the following:
1) Use a high-powered food processor
2) Make the deep dish cookie pie (not a thin cake)
3) Pour in a handful of chocolate chips and blend in the food processor for a few seconds so more chocolate spreads throughout the batter (then fold in more chocolate chips, per the recipe)
4) Only bake for 30 minutes (under-bake by 5-10 minutes) so it stays gooey inside
5) Eat either warmed up or after chilling it in the fridge to avoid tasting the beans, which comes out if the pie is at room temperature.

Find the recipes for Chocolate Covered Katie’s cookie pie on her blog: sugar-free version and brown sugar version.