Champagne Margarita
Recipe type: Drink
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1 serving
The champagne margarita is a refreshing drink that's simple enough to make at home but fancy enough to serve at parties!
  • 1 part tequila (1 shot)
  • ½ part simple syrup (1/2 shot)
  • Juice of 1 lime (or more if you use more than 1 shot of tequila)
  • 2 parts champagne or more (2 shots)
  • Ice cubes
  1. In a glass, add a handful of ice cubes, 1 part tequila, and ½ part simple syrup.
  2. Roll a lime on the counter with your palm and press down slightly to get the lime ready for juicing. Squeeze the juice out of the lime into the glass and use a wooden reamer to get ALL the juice out.
  3. Pour champagne in the glass, mix well, and enjoy!
Optional: add salt to rim of glass by moistening the rim with a lime and then dipping into a shallow dish of salt.

Note: I specified how many shots I used to make one drink. One shot is one part in this recipe so you can modify if you're serving a group or want a bigger drink.
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