juicing vs blending

We have been making smoothies in a blender since kids, blending is nothing new. Juicing is not a new thing either but it has become very popular recently. I have only tried juices one time from The Garden Table in Indianapolis and they were so delicious! I do not make juices at home though. I actually prefer blending because I like to keep as many nutrients as possible in my drink. Some people may not like the pulp in a blended drink and may prefer juicing. If you have ever wondered about the differences, this post will quickly cover juicing vs. blending – the basics.

There are also some recipes for drinks you can make at home as well as the health benefits of each one.
Source: Fix.com Blog

I have experimented with blending before and have learned a couple things:

  1. Kale is much grittier than spinach when blended – use spinach for a smoother drink.
  2. You CANNOT taste spinach when it’s blended especially if you have something sweet in the smoothie (such as banana, pineapple, or berries) – add lots of spinach!!
  3. I suggest not blending broccoli in your drink. The little flower buds of the broccoli do not blend since they are so small and you end up eating broccoli while drinking your smoothie – usually not what you’re looking for!

I don’t mind enjoying a juice once in a while but I personally like blended drinks because (1) none of the nutrients are discarded and (2) if making at home, it’s much easier to throw everything in a blender!

If you wanted to stock up though, juices are a little more convenient because you can buy a few from a store or restaurant and keep in the refrigerator for a few days. You generally cannot do that with smoothies.