maple cookies with walnuts

I love cookies. Especially the gooey, soft, almost underbaked cookies. I recently tried a new cookie recipe and they were SO good. They are maple cookies with walnuts. 

I love cookies because you can enjoy one without consuming 700 calories. Then, you can eat another! I also love cookies because they are so easy to make and they don’t take a long time to bake. The “allow them to cool” period is the hard part! Honestly, I can never wait for them to cool before I eat the first one.

This recipe for maple cookies with walnuts comes from Lou from her blog Living Lou. She has so many great recipes! Don’t be surprised if I try more of her recipes, especially the dessert ones. After creating all my recipes in the past, I needed the most help with desserts. I always try to make a recipe healthier, but I’ve learned that sometimes, you just have to leave a recipe as is. Especially cookies.

maple walnut cookies

You can find the recipe here: Living Lou’s Maple Walnut Cookies. I have never actually used maple syrup in a cookie recipe before. I loved the brown sugar and maple syrup combination!

I made enough cookies to bring them to a cookout that same day. People there liked them as well, so this recipe is a keeper!

maple cookies with walnuts