My Best Amazon Purchases of 2018

If you go to any blogger’s website right now, you will probably see at least one gift guide posted. Probably more than one by now. Those are awesome gift ideas and I like looking at them. Since there are tons of gift guides out there already, I thought I would do something different. I’m going to share my best Amazon purchases of 2018. Maybe these will give you ideas for what you may want to put on your Christmas list or what to get others.

One thing I love about Amazon, besides the fast shipping, is that you can look at your purchase history without any limits on how far you can go back. Well, at least I can look back to 2011 on my account. If you land on a product that you bought before, it will tell you the date when you last purchased it. This is a great little tool for making repeat purchases. For this post, I looked back through this year and picked out my best Amazon purchases of 2018.

Amazon’s prices change a lot, so I won’t list specific prices. They will probably be different by the time you look at these. But I will say the price range so you have an idea of what to expect.

Home Products

1. Foldable Drying Rack

Price: About $20

My laundry room is tiny.  There is no room to put clothes to air dry. This drying rack has been SO useful. I put it up in the bedroom on laundry day and fold it back up (in one step) when I’m done.

2. Two Tier Basket Organizer

Price: About $25

I love this little thing for under-the-sink organization. Our bathroom cabinets have no shelving inside, so these have been keeping me sane (and organized).

3. Grey Plaid Duvet Cover

Price: About $59

I bought this for my husband when I got him a new down comforter. He loves it because he says it keeps his body temperature regulated, so he doesn’t get hot at night. I haven’t used it, so I gotta take his word for it.

4. Rowenta Travel Steamer

Price: About $45

This clothing steamer is awesome for two reasons. One: It actually does a good job of steaming clothes without spitting water out (like other steamers I’ve tried). I think this is because it’s designed to use tap water, whereas other steamers say to use filtered water. Two: It is dual voltage! I took this steamer with me to Europe this past summer and it worked just fine! I don’t have to worry about wrinkly clothes ever again!

5. Mesh Laundry Bags

Price: About $9

I use these bags almost daily to wash delicate clothes. They’re especially great for clothes that need to be dry cleaned but can actually be washed on a delicate or hand wash cycle. These mesh bags are also great for organizing your suitcase when you travel.

6. Tenergy Space Heater

Price: About $46

I use this heater at work in my office. It keeps me warm but it also has a fan setting if you need to cool down.

Beauty Products

There were a few beauty products in my best Amazon purchases of 2018. Other beauty products were too basic to make it to the list.

7. Makeup Sponge Set

Price: About $10

The real Beautyblender is like $20. There’s no way I’m buying these things for $20 a piece! I got this set on Amazon and they work perfectly fine.

8. Ceramic Hair Dryer

Price: About $30

I’ve never bought a hair dryer before this one. I’ve always just used old ones other people didn’t want anymore. I decided it was time to buy a hair dryer that would [hopefully] not damage my hair as much. I picked this one and I love it!

9. Curling Wand

Price: About $35

Let me tell you why I LOVE this curling wand. Not only is 1″ the perfect size for my fine, long hair, but it has these thin silicone strips on the sides of the wand, which keep my hair in place while curling. This has been a game changer. I was so tired of my hair just slipping off curling irons as I was holding my hair for 10 seconds.


A couple of extra items on my best Amazon purchases list!

10. ASUS Chromebook

Price: About $224

When I started this blog earlier in 2018, I wanted something very lightweight I could take with me in my purse, whether a tablet or a laptop. After lots of research, I landed on Chromebooks. After more research, I chose this ASUS Chromebook. Chromebooks don’t have operating systems like Windows or the Apple operating systems. It just runs on Google and Google Play apps. I wouldn’t use this as a main computer, but it’s great to take on the go, especially since it’s supposed to be very durable and water resistant.

11. No Show Socks

Price: About $11 for a pack of 3

This is a very random item, but I wanted to add it because these socks have been awesome. I wear them with my Keds that would look terrible with regular socks.


I hope this list was helpful in some way, whether for gift-giving purposes of just everyday practical purposes!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything through them, I will get a small referral fee and you will be supporting me and my blog at no extra cost to you, so thank you!

My Best Amazon Purchases of 2018