my first trip to san diego

My first trip to San Diego was this past December in 2018. I was there for three days on a work trip. Here I was thinking I was going to sunny San Diego… And it rained the first two days! And I mean RAINED, like pouring rain, streets flooding, water getting inside Uber cars. Honestly, though, I don’t even think the rain was that bad but sunny San Diego’s infrastructure is not built for rain. Thankfully I was prepared with umbrellas and rain boots!

Day One:

On the first day, we were going to go to the San Diego Safari Park, but because it was raining like it was, it wasn’t worth it. Instead, we walked in the rain to dinner. Based on my searches for “food to eat in San Diego,” carne asada fries came up a lot, so we went to a place called La Puerta. They had amazing carne asada fries and amazing margaritas!

Later on, we went to find ice cream and came to what I expected to be the best ice cream place around the area: Salt & Straw. They had all kinds of unique flavors I’ve never even heard of: honey lavender, chili & orange spice chocolate, flavors with avocado or eggnog, the list goes on and on. I tried so many flavors and….didn’t like practically any of them. I love ice cream, so I was hugely disappointed. I ended up going with some safe flavors, like sea salt caramel (which was very delicious but not unique).

Day Two:

It was still pouring rain… there was nothing to do but eat, eat a lot! First, we went to Little Italy to a place called Ironside for an appetizer of oysters and a lobster roll. They were AMAZING!

Next up was dessert. We walked to a place called Extraordinary Desserts. They had all kinds of cakes and bars. Everything looked divine.

Lastly, Travis wanted some Italian pizza, so we walked to Napizza. They bring the flour for the dough from a small family mill in Italy!

Aside from all the food, Little Italy was decorated for the Holidays and it was all very pretty!

Day Three:

On the last day, it FINALLY stopped raining and it was a beautiful day! We went to Coronado, which is a resort city on a peninsula. We had to drive over this giant curved bridge to get there. The bridge was 1) impressive and 2) super freaky to drive over, but we saw the sunset while on the bridge and it was stunning.

We had dinner at a place called Brigantine on Coronado Island. We had oysters and I had a lobster cobb salad. Both were delicious. Oh, and the drinks were unique and delicious, too!

All in all, we made the best of our short and rainy time in San Diego!