My First Yoga Retreat - Florida 2019

My first yoga retreat went something like this…

Imagine waking up in a beach house, coffee is already brewed downstairs, and you have time to enjoy a quiet morning by yourself or chatting with others before your morning yoga class. You do yoga for an hour to an hour and a half outside in the fresh air. Then when you come back inside, there is a healthy breakfast cooked for you and set at the table, ready to be served. You eat with everyone and talk about the yoga class and your plans for the rest of the day.

Lunch with a view (a wedding was going to take place there that afternoon)

Then you go to the beach to enjoy the weather and a book with the view and sound of the ocean in front of you. You may walk down to a restaurant that serves seafood and strawberry daiquiris for lunch.

My First Yoga Retreat - Lunch

There may be an optional activity in the afternoon, like a painting class with margaritas, or it may have been a free day to do whatever you want.

Then at dinner time, you meet back up with your group. Again, a healthy meal is cooked for you and served at a big table for everyone. You can enjoy a glass of wine and talk with everyone about serious and not-so-serious topics. Then the next day, you wake up and do it all over again.

That was what my first yoga retreat was like. I did my first one in Florida in April of 2019. It was an all-women retreat where ages ranged from 28 to 60’s (I think!). We all had different backgrounds and different reasons why we did the retreat. Most of us just needed a break from life to recharge. My reason was to take a quick break after the 2019 tax season. It was a great decision to do that, even though it was not a long enough break!

I hope to do another yoga retreat in the near future!

P.S. Everyone asks me how I found this retreat. I used!