On My Radar - January 2019

Hey there… it’s been a while. I haven’t posted in over a month. I’m not too worried about it though. Tax season began and it took me a while to get into a whole new routine where I only have about 3 hours at home every night before having to go to bed and do it all over again the next day.

Since January is almost over, I figure I would share what’s been on my radar this month.

One // The new Netflix show “You”

Okay, this show is weird and creepy but I cannot stop watching it! First of all, I have loved Penn Badgley as an actor ever since he was on Gossip Girl. Second of all, I just cannot wait to see what happens in every episode. There is a twist or progression in every single one.

Two // The FabFitFun box

Yeah, I got sucked into this with their winter box discount. Honestly though, I’m glad they changed it to a quarterly/seasonal box. It’s more do-able for me and I am looking forward to getting the spring box!

Three // Reorganizing all storage areas in my home

The pantry, medicine cabinet, bathroom closets, even the attic! I’ve been watching YouTube videos on small space organization (I may not live in a tiny house, but there’s not very much room for storage). I ended up having an Amazon shopping cart full of organizational stuff, almost reaching $300! I thought that was insane, so I went to the Dollar Tree instead. Guess how much I spent? $28! I still haven’t even used all the storage containers I got. I have some left over for future organizing.

Four // Spending Sundays at home

On my gosh, this has been a huge helper with my sanity so far this tax season! Since Sunday is my only non-work day, spending it at home makes it last much longer than if I were to go out of the house at all. If Travis and I ever run errands or go out to eat on Sunday, those hours fly by and the weekend gets very, very short.

Five // Replacing all of my Pyrex bakeware

I’m saying goodbye to Pyrex. I’ve had it explode twice in my presence in the past few years. Once is already too many times! Here’s what happened this month:

I was making fajitas, cooking beef and veggies in the same skillet. The veggies cooked much faster than the beef, so I wanted to take them out of the skillet. I put them in a glass Pyrex dish, walked away for a couple of minutes (because I was doing laundry at the same time), and then I heard exploding glass. Travis thought I dropped something, I thought Travis dropped something. Thankfully, no one was actually in the kitchen at that moment.

I’m guessing the hot veggies put in a room-temperature Pyrex dish on a room-temperature counter was enough to make the glass explode, which is insane, in my opinion. Not worth it.