On My Radar - Farmers Market

We’re well into June and I feel like it has rained most of the month. And looking at the forecast, it looks like it will rain for the rest of the month, too. May was pretty rainy here in Indiana, too. I’m ready for the rain to go away! Meanwhile, here’s what’s on my radar this month.

One | Booksmart – the movie

This movie came out at the end of May. Have you seen it yet? It was funny and I enjoyed it! I think I would call it a “feel good movie” where you walk out of the theatre feeling happy.

Two | Bad on Paper Podcast live shows

One of my favorite podcasts/book clubs is doing a live show mini-tour in June and I may actually go see them this month! They’re planning on doing more live shows in the fall – dates & locations TBD, but I’m thinking they’ll go West.

Three | Relaxing weekend mornings

I think I found my happy place. It’s sitting outside on my deck early on a weekend morning, with a cup of coffee, a book, and a little pastry, with the only sounds coming from birds. It’s the quiet time before kids go play outside and before people start doing yard work.

In the afternoons, I like to wind down after work with a glass of wine and my book outside. I can’t necessarily do that every day, but I try.

Four | Farmers market

I hadn’t been to our farmers market for a long time! I went a couple of weeks ago and I’m trying to go more often now. I’ve always forgotten about it but now I have it in my phone, so there’s no chance of me forgetting about it. I love farmers markets and have to take advantage of them during the warmer months.