On My Radar - October 2019

I know many people whose favorite month of the year is October. October is usually when the weather starts to actually cool down in Indiana, after the second summer we had in September. Here is what’s on my radar this month:

One | The royals

I don’t just meal the British royal family, though I have been seeing a lot more about them lately. There are a lot of fiction books and TV shows out right now that focus on some kind of royals, like the American Royals book I read in September. Since the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle, I’ve noticed that lots of people are obsessed with the British royal family. I think it’s fun to see what they wear and to follow them a little bit, but I don’t have any kind of obsession, thankfully.

Two | Spending more time outside with the dogs

Mia, my Shiba Inu (in photo above), had her annual vet visit earlier this month. She gained two pounds! For a twenty pound dog, two pounds is a lot. I think two things happened over the past year. First, I was probably feeding her just a little too much – I should have been more on the lower end of the suggested feeding quantity. Second, it’s been so hot and humid all summer and Mia can’t be too active outside for too long because she has a really thick coat of fur and gets hot quickly.

I’ve been waiting for weather to cool down to start walking her more (longer walks and more hikes at parks), but I think that’s not fair to her. We have a shaded back yard and I just need to go out and play fetch with her several times a week. Plus, Jet, our other dog, could use exercise, too.

Three | Football

I don’t really have an interest in football, but my husband does. He gets really excited for football season every year. He went to his first tailgate before a Colts vs Raiders game a couple of weeks ago and he loved it! Now he wants to go more often, so there may possibly be football games in my future.

Four | My book club

This summer, I started my own book club. I thought about doing that for a while and finally took the plunge. Before wanting to start a book club, I wanted to join one. I followed a few local book clubs to see what kinds of books they were reading to see if I had any interest, but sadly, I didn’t care to read those books. So I started my own!

We’ve only had one meeting so far, but the second one is coming up in a couple of days. People have been very enthusiastic about the books and the meetings, so I’m very grateful for that. I’m happy to push my love for books on to others 🙂 We meet every other month to keep things low stress for those that don’t have as much time to read as others.