post graduation trip to ireland and scotland

After graduating from college, I took a trip to Ireland and Scotland with my husband (boyfriend at the time) and his family. Aside from moving across the world from Russia to the U.S., this post-graduation trip was the biggest trip I had ever been on back in 2013. I have never seen a more beautiful countryside or so many castles!

scotland countryside

Sometimes it was a little chilly. We went at the end of May and it was pretty much in the 60’s (Fahrenheit, that is) the entire time, sometimes raining. That’s how it is over there though and it was still beautiful even if there weren’t clear blue skies every day.

chilly weather in ireland

Sometimes we did see clear blue skies, like when we were at the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.

cliffs of moher

cliffs of moher in ireland

If you go to Ireland and don’t go to the Cliffs of Moher, you’re missing out! It’s only about a 3.5-hour drive from Dublin to the Cliffs, so don’t make any excuses. There’s even a castle at the Cliffs, too. Can you go anywhere without seeing a castle? Probably not…

cliffs of moher ireland

As you drive through the countries, sometimes you see unexpected things, like a dog standing on a donkey.

dog on donkey

Sometimes you see things you would expect to see, but maybe in unexpected places, such as a man playing bagpipes in the middle of nowhere.

bagpipes in scotland

We will have to finish up this post-graduation trip to Ireland and Scotland in Part Two. Find out what else we did and what we saw. We did go into cities – we weren’t just in the country the entire time!