post graduation trip to ireland and scotland

Continuing the post-graduation trip to Ireland and Scotland… Read the “Part One” post, if you haven’t already.

Many people ask me which country I liked better. If I had to pick a favorite between Ireland and Scotland, I think I would pick Scotland because it won me over just a little bit. I can’t pinpoint exactly why but my husband and I both feel the same way! Both countries were amazing but if we were to go back, we would go to Scotland.

university of glasgow

The architecture is so beautiful in Scotland! I wanted to take pictures of practically every building I saw.

scotland architecture

Churches, museums, schools, monuments, castles – I’m sure there’s more I’m missing.

kelvingrove art gallery and museum

We got to go all the way to the top of the Scott Monument. It was a 297 stair climb!

scott monument scotland

We walked all around the Edinburgh Castle.

edinburgh castle scotland

The Elephant House Tea & Coffee House is also in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is the place where J.K. Rowling wrote her early novels, such as Harry Potter.

the elephant house edinburgh scotland

Scotland is also where the Loch Ness Monster lives. We tried to go find it but didn’t end up seeing it. It was a nice boat ride though, with gorgeous views.

loch ness monster boat ride

loch ness boat views

We had an amazing time, ate lots of good food, walked a lot, took thousands of pictures, and made memories that will last a lifetime!

family photo ireland and scotland