Reflecting on my 2019 goals

Okay, it may be a little past halfway, but I don’t think that really matters. It’s time to reflect on how I’m doing with my 2019 goals.

1. See friends and family more often

I think I have done a decent job with this over the past few months. There are more plans for this in the next few months, too. Above is a photo from a bingo night at Urban Vines Winery, which was a lot of fun!

2. Eat meals that increase satiety & help me snack less

I have been trying to eat more protein and healthy fats to help with satiety. I haven’t really snacked less, but I have been trying to choose better and healthier snacks. My usual used to be fruit, Chex Mix, and popcorn. Now it’s still fruit and popcorn but with things like nuts and healthy granola bars.

3. Drink more water daily

Doing good with this.

4. Redecorate house and rearrange furniture

This didn’t happen much on the inside of the house, though I did re-do my “office” and we got rid of some old furniture but that’s about it. We have re-done our backyard though AND we painted the exterior of our house. We also got new exterior lighting. We LOVE the way it turned out!

It’s not 100% complete though. We still need to stain and paint our deck and make grass grow in the back yard. Things for next year…

5. Read 20 books

This goal is complete! As of right now, I have read 27 books and listened to 3 on audio, for a total of 30 (which was also my 2019 reading goal on GoodReads)!

6. Read at least 15 pages a day

I probably do this 6 out of 7 days of the week. Sometimes a day is just so busy I can’t even get 15 pages in.

7. Make all of my doctor appointments (and go to them)

Work in progress…

8. Take the dogs on more hikes

I have been doing good with this with Mia but Jet hasn’t been on as many walks and hikes.

9. Do YouTube yoga at home if I can’t go to a real yoga class

This was helpful during busy season, though I did not utilize it enough. Now I do live yoga classes in person.

10. Spend less money during busy season

I think I was successful with this, but I made bigger purchases rather than a lot of small purchases. We bought a new bed and we got a treadmill, so those didn’t help me spend less overall.

11. Continue to save money every month

I have been doing good with this!

12. Visit friends in Maine

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll make it to Maine this year. We haven’t really taken a “real” vacation this year and it doesn’t look like we’ll get to.

13. Cook a recipe from a cookbook once a month

I was doing good with this for a while with the Half Baked Harvest cookbook. I need to get back into it.

14. Finish a jigsaw puzzle

This goal is complete! Maybe I’ll do a second one?

15. Work on blog every week, even if I don’t publish a post every week

I have not been doing this during the summer. Honestly, I’ve been too lazy and just want to read and enjoy the summer days!

16. Use a face mask every week

I think I have done this almost every week, if not every week so far.

17. Snooze alarm less

Gotta do this one…. oops.

18. Send Christmas cards in 2019

This is still to come.. we’ll see!

19. Review these goals every quarter

Definitely have not been doing this every quarter, but better late than never!