Knowing myself, plus how busy and tired I have been lately, I decided to do the second and third trimester Q & A in one post because I won’t end up getting to the third one if I don’t do it now! If you haven’t read the first trimester Q & A, you can find it here.

How much weight have you gained?

I started off at 112 pounds as my pre-pregnancy weight. I actually lost 2 pounds during the first trimester because of nightly nausea. At 30 weeks, I was 128 pounds, so that’s 16 pounds up from 112.

I haven’t been worried about my weight during this pregnancy. I’ve just been trying to make sure I’m eating enough nutritious food for the baby and for me. I am definitely not healthy 100% of the time. I have actually been a lot more lenient during pregnancy than I am when I’m not pregnant. This has helped me make sure that I’m eating enough calories because I probably wouldn’t be eating enough otherwise.

It also became harder to eat in higher quantities or as often as I should eat because there’s just less and less room in my stomach, so eating higher calorie foods helps with this, too. Higher calorie doesn’t necessarily mean unhealthy. It can be things like more avocados, more use of olive oil, whole wheat bread, eating peanut butter more often, etc, so basically more healthy fats, proteins, and grains.

Second and Third Trimester Q & A

Do you have any pregnancy pet peeves?

Since I haven’t been out around people hardly at all, I haven’t had to deal with the usual pregnancy comments and advice that people get.

The only thing that has slightly bothered me is comments about how small my bump is (during the first and second trimesters) and then how big my bump is (now during the third trimester). I was really proud of my baby bump once it was noticeable at the start of the second trimester, so I didn’t like hearing how “small” it was. Everyone is different and I feel like there isn’t really a “small” or “big” since there is no standard size. But now with comments about how big my bump is, it’s making me worry that the baby will be big and I prefer not to worry about things like that unless my doctor brings it up.

The most surprising thing that many people have asked is if I’m planning on getting an epidural or doing a natural birth. I didn’t expect to get asked this, but it’s not actually a pet peeve because I haven’t minded the question. To answer it, in case you’re wondering now, I am planning on getting an epidural.

Something that I do feel like I’m missing out on that would have been positive and not negative is people treating you a little kinder because you’re pregnant. I also was always looking forward to getting to park in those special “expectant mothers” parking spaces at the grocery store but I haven’t been to a grocery store for most of this pregnancy.

Are you using a pregnancy pillow?

I got a pregnancy pillow early on to get used to sleeping on my left side and to figure out how to not sleep on my back before it became absolutely necessary. I got this one because I liked that it went all around me and looked like it would keep me from rolling to my back.

It did NOT work like I thought it would. I still rolled to my back every single night. The part of the pillow against my back would just fall off the bed – it provided no support whatsoever. Also, the pillow was making me really hot and I would sweat at night, another downer. It also provided no support for my belly.

At 20 weeks, I started having excruciating back pain at night. After three nights of this, I couldn’t take it any more. Travis helped me try different sleeping positions using pillows and nothing worked. This led to a 3 AM purchase of this wedge pillow – my life saver! It supports my belly and I have not had back pain ever since.

The wedge pillow doesn’t keep me from rolling to my back, obviously, so I just use a regular pillow behind me and it does keep me off my back. I also have a regular pillow between my legs. I haven’t used the original pregnancy pillow I bought since starting this new set up.

Are you still having a baby shower during COVID?

Yes! We actually did an outdoor drive-by shower at the start of August with social distancing and masks. People came by and we chatted for a little bit. It was so nice to see people in real life! There were family members we hadn’t seen since Christmas and friends I hadn’t seen since February. We also then did Zoom showers with our family and friends the next day to do a game and gift opening. We did three separate Zoom showers in order to not have too many people on each Zoom call.

How is COVID going to affect labor and delivery?

One of the obvious ways COVID is going to affect our hospital stay is not being able to have any visitors. You can only have one support person and it has to be the same person the entire time. I’m thankful that I get to have my husband there with me! I couldn’t imagine doing this completely alone.

There are also some restrictions on what you can bring in with you – you can’t bring any pillows or blankets.

It doesn’t seem like there are any restrictions on how much time you get to stay at the hospital. If you have a normal childbirth (no C-section) then you get 48 hours after delivery. You are allowed to leave earlier but they recommend staying the full time.

What valuable advice have you received for pregnancy, labor and delivery, or postpartum?

I haven’t gotten too much advice since I’ve been stuck at home, but I have been told a few useful things.

  1. Bring the baby book to the hospital to get the baby’s footprint in there. Also, you should start working on the baby book before the baby is here to get a head start because you can fill out a lot of things already before he or she is born.
  2. Bring your breast pump to the hospital. A nurse can put it together for you and then show you how to use it. You don’t have to actually start pumping right after birth, but you’ll be better prepared when you go home.
  3. Have a mirror in the delivery room. I have been told that seeing the top of the baby’s head can give you A LOT of motivation to push a few more times and get the baby out of there!