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I have been totally against subscription boxes in the past. I thought, “I don’t need that pointless stuff.” Or “I would rather buy specific things I actually want.” Things like that. And then I tried one box and another and another and another…. Okay, I didn’t subscribe to all of these all at once. I had my limits. But I did try some and then once I got tired of them, I would cancel them, and sometimes I would find other interesting boxes to try out.

There are some things to watch out for when subscribing to boxes.

  1. You might have to give 1, 2, or 3 month notice of cancellation. This is true usually if the boxes are created by small companies, usually individuals (like my stationery boxes).
  2. With Ipsy, you can skip a month and they tell you that they will notify you before charging you for the following month. However, I had completely forgotten I had skipped a month rather than cancelling, and they charged me without notifying me ahead of time. Guess I’m getting an Ipsy box this month!
  3. Some boxes are the same to everyone every time a box is sent out while others are curated specifically to you. This is important when choosing beauty boxes.

Rather than rambling on about each box, I’m going to tell you if I would get more boxes in the future and why or why not. I’m not listing the prices because some companies have different boxes to choose from, which vary in price. I’m not getting that technical here.

Beauty Boxes


Would I get more boxes in the future?   No

I got Birchbox for a while and generally enjoyed it. What stopped me and why I won’t get it again is the fact that they really just send you samples of products. They’re not even trial/travel size (generally). I mean, I don’t need a little piece of sponge that’s supposed to show you how a Beauty Blender expands. I’d rather get a mini beauty blender (if there was such a thing). I did like that they curated the box specifically to you based on a profile you fill out.

Ipsy Glam Bag

Would I get more boxes in the future?   Yes

Ipsy Glam Bags are also curated specifically to you based on a profile you fill out. I like Ipsy because the products they send are more like trial/travel size rather than just little tiny samples. I have not been disappointed with an Ipsy bag yet. Plus, they send a makeup bag every month for your goodies, which are super cute.

Play! by Sephora

Would I get more boxes in the future?   Yes

This box is a great way to try out products sold at Sephora and discover new ones, all for only $10! They make videos that show you how to use the products, so that can be helpful, too. Plus, you earn Insider points with each box.

Stationery/Planner/Scrapbooking Boxes

The Planner Society

Would I get more boxes in the future?   Yes

This is by far the best planner box, in my opinion. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you use the things that come in the kit to decorate your paper planner. You get all kinds of stuff every month, including papers, stickers, die cuts, paper clips, tabs, quote cards, pens, and a bunch more that changes month to month. Christy Tomlinson and her team design everything in the kit. I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in a kit.

The GP Studio

Would I get more boxes in the future?   No

This planner box is designed by a girl in Australia. It’s similar to the Planner Society box where you get papers, stickers, die cuts, pens, paper clips, etc. The box comes from Australia. The shipping cost is just as much, if not more than the actual box. It was worth it though! I enjoyed getting these boxes for a while but a lot of times, the drawings (which are hand-drawn by the designer and then digitized) weren’t really my style. I stopped the boxes because I didn’t like the style of the drawings and it made it not worth the cost to ship all the way from Australia.

Hip Kit Club

Would I get more boxes in the future?   Yes, only if I wanted more scrapbooking supplies

This is more of a scrapbooking kit. I didn’t particularly like the first kit I got. The colors and patterns weren’t really what I liked. Overall, you get lots of scrapbooking supplies and it was great for me for a few months when I was overwhelmed when going to Michaels or Hobby Lobby, which have so much stuff to pick from.

Miscellaneous Boxes

Book of the Month

Would I get more boxes in the future?   Yes

This is a new box for me. I’m waiting for my 2nd box of books now. What I love about it is how you only have five books to choose from every month. They have a team of judges who pick the five books and then you get to pick one. You can pick more than one and it’s only $9.99 for an extra book. The reason why I like to only have five books to pick from is because there are thousands, no – millions of books out there and new releases are constantly coming out. It gets hard to pick a new book to read. Having only five choices makes it easy, especially for someone that’s as indecisive as me.

Stitch Fix

Would I get more boxes in the future?   Yes

As of writing this post, I have only received one Fix. That first one was pretty successful. I kept 3 items out of 5. I could have kept all 5 really but decided not to do that. I know several people who love Stitch Fix and use it every month. My husband even said he might want to try it. We’ll see if that’ll happen… I personally hate shopping for clothes, so I finally caved and signed up for Stitch Fix.

Sips by

Would I get more boxes in the future?   Yes

This is probably the most random box but super helpful for tea lovers or tea newbies. You fill out a profile where you basically say what kind of tea you’d like to try and what kind not to send you. Every month, they’ll send you new teas. They can be loose leaf or bagged. You can pick which kind you prefer (or select both). You can also tell them if you want to avoid caffeine or if you want more caffeinated teas, or a mixture of both. This is a really cool box and I was excited to get mine! However, it is the first to go if I’m on a budget and trying to watch how much I spend.

Do you get any subscription boxes that you love? I’d love to know which ones!

subscription boxes reviews

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