Weekend Trip to Michigan

In early August, I went to my first winery in Michigan during a family weekend trip to Michigan. It was with my husband and his parents. Actually, we went to five wineries! I’ve had Michigan wine plenty of times and have always liked it but haven’t made it to the state to actually go to the wineries, until this summer.

We did more than just go to wineries though. We also had delicious ice cream, walked around to shops, went to the beach, found a concert on the beach, had great pizza, and more.

Let’s see if I can remember all or most of the places we visited.

Round Barn Estate

The Round Barn Estate is in Baroda, Michigan. It is literally a round barn, so that’s where the name comes from. I think they said that the barns were built round in order to keep the devil from hiding in the corners. Perhaps it’s an old German tradition.

Round Barn Estate - Michigan

At the Round Barn Estate we did a wine tasting and also got a wine trail card. This started our wine trail for the weekend! They also have spirits and beer, so Travis and his dad also tasted those.

Round Barn Public House

The Public House is Round Barn’s restaurant and brewery. We had lunch here and you can order all of Round Barn’s wines, beers, and spirits here.

This spot was also on the wine trail card.

Tabor Hill Winery

Tabor Hill is a wine that I see in stores like Meijer. I may have had some before but usually stay away because it’s always sweet wine. I didn’t think the winery would be anything amazing. Boy was I wrong! The grounds are beautiful, the winery was classy, and the wines were delicious! I became excited to get a chance to taste some of their dry wines, especially since they don’t stock those at Meijer (what a shame).

This winery was also on the wine trail card. There were six stops on this particular wine trail, so this was our third stop and we were halfway done. They gave us a prize for getting through half the wine trail! The prize was pretty nice, a Tabor Hill wooden box with a wine opener and wine stopper inside. I couldn’t wait to find out what the final prize would be after we finished all six stops.

Free Run Cellars Winery

Weekend Trip to Michigan - Free Run Cellars

Free Run Cellars was another stop on the wine trail. I gotta say, this was the most expensive winery we went to. All the other tastings we had done were generally like this: $12 for 6 one-ounce tastings and you got to keep the wine glass. At Free Run, it was something like $12 for 3 one-ounce tastings and you did not get to keep the glass. That seemed a bit excessive. I didn’t really care about the free glass since we were already accumulating so many, but $12 for a half a glass of wine is too much.

Free Run Cellars Winery - Weekend Trip to Michigan

We all ended up getting an actual glass of wine and sat outside overlooking the vineyard for a while. That part I did enjoy very much.

Lazy Ballerina Winery

Lazy Ballerina Winery

At this tasting, not only did we get 6 wines to taste, a free glass to take home, but they also provided chocolate! This winery had more sweet wines than the others we had been to but mostly they were all delicious. Some were very refreshing and summery, especially the sparkling wines.

White Pine Winery Tasting Room

Another nice little place in St. Joseph. What I liked about this one is that they had some curated wine tasting lists based on what kind of wine you generally like. So that took away some decision-making during the tasting!

Silver Beach Pizza

Have you ever had to wait three hours for pizza? Well, this is a place where you may be waiting that long. They don’t take reservations, but you can call ahead. We called ahead and still had to wait 45 minutes for a table. The people who got there at the same time as us who did not call ahead, they had a wait of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Apparently, this place was voted “the best pizza in southwest Michigan.” I gotta agree – I loved this pizza! I have never had pizza that was seasoned so well. Sometimes I have to add salt to pizza (if there are lots of veggies, for example) because it can be so bland. Not this one! It may have been a little too seasoned, but it was so delicious that I had leftovers for breakfast the next day.

Red Arrow Roadhouse

Before we went home to Indiana, we stopped for lunch at Red Arrow Roadhouse. It was a unique little place with really good food! I had a burger and pretty sure I ate the whole thing. We recommend it if you ever drive by here in Union Pier, Michigan.

Of course, our weekend trip to Michigan included daily ice cream stops. We also stopped at the last two places on the wine trail before going home to make sure we received our final prize. The final prize was a lunch box/cooler that is actually pretty nice and well made.