welcome to my new blog

Hello readers! Welcome to my new and improved blog! I say “new and improved” because if anyone followed my old blog – Kate’s Better Bite – knows that I used to write a food blog. I hope you enjoy the new blog and I truly appreciate the time you spend on here.

If your first thought was “But what about all those recipes you had?” Not to worry, they have all been transferred to the new website – you can find them under the Recipes tab.

So what is this new blog going to be about?

If you want the short answer: Time management, productivity, travel, normal life, self-care, and, in general, creating the life you will enjoy every day.

The long answer is: If there’s one thing you need to know to understand this blog is that I have many hobbies. I like to try almost everything. The only problem with that is time. I am going to be sharing how you can do everything you want to do in life while trying to balance it all. I will also share tips and products that can make your life easier or better in some way. It’s called “Life Semi-Balanced” because I don’t think anyone can perfectly balance everything in their life, but we can all try and eventually we will get better at it.

I needed a new blog because I started to miss blogging but I did not miss blogging about food and recipes. Having a food blog is a lot of work! Creating recipes, buying groceries, testing recipes, re-making and re-writing recipes that didn’t work, photographing, editing the photos, writing the blog post… well you get it. I applaud those that have beautiful and successful food blogs.

I am SO happy to talk about a new topic! Head on over to my first blog post about time management: Why To-Do Lists Are Not Very Effective. It’s the start of a new series and I hope you enjoy reading! In the meantime, I gotta go take my dog for a walk…

Do you have any questions or ideas for this new blog? Leave them in the comments below!