blue apron cooking and grocery bill

I was in a cooking rut last year. I didn’t want to cook anything. It was a chore. I hated grocery shopping. I was just tired of it all and I felt the same week after week. I finally decided to try Blue Apron because they would send groceries right to your door, with recipes for those groceries.

I actually really enjoyed using this service for several months! Finally, I looked forward to cooking (and eating)! I used ingredients I had never even heard of, wouldn’t know where to buy, and would never have tried on my own. It was fun and nice to actually enjoy cooking again.

Here are some dishes I made: pizza, polenta cakes with shrimp, and a chicken and rice dish. There was nothing I made that my husband and I didn’t like.

Blue Apron Pizza Dish
Blue Apron Polenta Cakes With Shrimp
Blue Apron Chicken Dish

Then, after several months, I looked back at my spending tracker and saw how much I was spending on groceries (including Blue Apron). It was not good. Keep in mind that I only buy for TWO people – me and my husband. I’m not feeding an entire family here.

I don’t know how much other couples spend on groceries per month but I can spend $300-$400 in a regular month. Then I started using Blue Apron and my grocery spending went up to $700 per month!!

I was getting 3 meals per week for two people through Blue Apron. It cost $66 per week. In a four-week month, that’s $264.

I found that cooking three times per week (usually with no leftovers because the meals are portioned for two) was too much, so I cut it down to two meals per week. This helped with the cost slightly but not enough because by getting less than 3 meals, I had to start paying shipping.

I realized that I was still spending the same amount of money at the grocery store before and during the Blue Apron period. I thought I would spend less, but that didn’t happen. Sometimes I felt like I could buy other non-grocery items because my cart was so empty (new towels, flowers, etc). I had to still buy breakfast, lunch, and snack items, so my cart wasn’t entirely empty.

This process taught me that I do NOT spend $65 a week on dinner-only food items at the grocery store. I can spend $65 on breakfast, lunch, AND dinner for the week if I plan recipes ahead, shop sale items, and get creative.

In the end, I used Blue Apron for 4.5 months. I don’t regret spending money on it though because it got me back into cooking and introduced me to new ingredients and new dishes I would have never tried on my own.

Have you tried Blue Apron? Do you like another service instead?